Custom Compounding: MLB is a custom compounder of urethane materials. A majority of our products are molded from our own custom blended formulas. Our  experienced chemical engineers can design prototype/production mold and urethane systems that meet or surpass their and requirements. Our dedication to quality and expertise in urethane materials sets us apart from competitors in the industry. 
Processes:  We incorporate  automated low and high pressure mixing and metering injunction molding equipment as well as manually pours. Solve any Job, big or small, with our comprehensive solutions.

Sectors catered to: 
  • furniture
  • marine
  • recreational
  • aircraft
  • medical industry
  • automotive
Prototype Capability: MLB will prototype products or produce short pilot runs trials for initial product evaluation to ensure that the customer requirements are met prior to larger production runs. To provide complete services, MLB can provide physical testing capabilities as well as color matching products/foams to a specified color.
Product Development: Our team will explanations of the product development processes in house, emphasizing key stages and methodologies. From concept to mold builds, prototyping, and production.